Project Details


Date: Summer 2019


The project arose out of Necko's interest in creating an artistic action to be carried out jointly with the children of ASPANADIF (a disabled association in Ibiza). Nia, Necko's niece, is user of the association and precursor of the idea. The 75x9m mural was painted entirely by the ASPANADIF children under the direction of Necko and Jerom, a friend and great artist, who, knowing the initiative, joined without hesitation.
More artists of the island have collaborated in the execution of the work that leaves a phrase, WE ARE ALL ONE, with sections of faces of the own boys of ASPANADIF. The project was born to give visibility to the real capacities of the disabled with the objective of their labor insertion. Complex and demanding tasks were distributed among the children, who with responsibility and seriousness executed them with surprising speed and quality.


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