KIMITEC group Multimedia project

The project combines Biotechnology, Art, Architecture and Environment
Sculpture, motion graphics, 3D animations, projection mapping,
scent cannons, DNA-based music

Project Details

Curated: Kimitec Group

Date: Octubre 2018


Technology has been modifying biological processes for decades, affecting the behavior and composition of living beings according to human interests. Biotechnology modifies their genetics and their natural growth. Thus, an organism of interest can be grown, under controlled conditions, to limits that would not be viable in nature, in order to obtain raw materials that allow the best development of human societies.
The artistic representation of this reality with which we live without being aware represents a challenge of great interest.
The management of the ambitious project of the biotechnological group KIMITEC, which is building the largest laboratory in Europe, is in contact with nEcKo to design artistic experiences in its facilities that explain the processes, and their results, that they develop as well as the focus of their application in human development.
The project combines Biotechnology, Art, Architecture and Environment


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