cirque du soleil & adria brothers visual installation.

¨The wheel is come full circle”
A closed circuit to represent the circle of life
Motion graphics, conventional painting, physical elements and projection mapping.

Project Details

Curated: Cirque du Soleil and Ferran Adrià

Date: Summer 2016


Mix media Installation of painting, motion graphics, projection, mapping and sculpture to represent the circle of life
Commissioned by Cirque du Soleil and Ferran-Albert Adria. Multimedia art in one of the most important places in Ibiza.
¨The wheel is come full circle¨... Shakespeare"
The artwork represents a scheme of life inspired by the illustration of the early twentieth century.
A system of pipes connects the different elements that make up the installation so that, over the course of 5 different stages, a story can be told to anyone who stops to observe it. RRepresenting life, death, youth and old age, sex and contention, truths and lies.... all universal concepts that interact and form a closed circuit to represent the circle of life.


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