Lio Ibiza
Hybrid & Temporal Jail

Interaction between the artwork and their surrounding, between the artwork and the spectator.

Project Details

Curated: Lío Ibiza

Date: Summer 2018


Result of the artist's search for formulas for interaction between the works and their surroundings, between the work and the spectator. Incomplete works that reach their fullness only with the circumstantial reflection of the environment and of each of the faces that observe it. Reflection as a communicative mechanism between the artist and the observer.
The spectator is for a moment part of the work.
¨Lio and what it represents, fits perfectly with the background of this series of works that was created to represent the multiple complexities of people, who are temporarily abandoned to give free rein to hedonism. The reflex effect of the spectator within the work seeks to visually achieve an allegory of the systematic process of unconscious abandonment
of worries, complexes and ghosts to be carried away by hedonism and placer¨.
The Hybrid series, made up of a total of 12 pieces, is characterised by the use of a mirror as a support, seeking to fuse the work itself with the environment where it is exhibited thanks to the reflection effect. The work Temporal Jail was born as a complement to the 4 pieces of the Hybrid series.
A clear invitation to the public to leave complex cages, worries and fears behind to enter into Lio and forget, even temporarily, a mundane and anodyne reality to enter the Cabaret/Club with a predisposition to let yourself be carried away by the senses.
A door that invites you to enclose the darkest part of each one in preparation for a unique night.


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