automatas serie

Cellular automata.
Digital UV printing on methacrylate.
Image processing with artificial intelligence algorithms

Project Details

Curated: Studio

Date: 2018


We are the species that inhabits this planet with the most developed intellectual capacities; the kings.
Hundreds of millions of kings who depend on their ability to associate,... thus ensuring our continuity and supremacy on the planet
Hundreds of millions of kings establishing common and clear parameters on such complex and conflicting issues as good and evil, what is and what is not accepted, the limits of what is real, what is life...
We are pure dichotomy, with no other nuances than those of extremes and opposites. No gray.... we're just black and white.
If we were not many units of life aligned on the same side it would be much more difficult for us to survive and probably for this reason we have simplified to a ridiculous, crude and tendentious extent concepts and transcendental aspects such as Life.
For many years now, science has been able to simulate life in virtual environments through computers. Mathematical algorithms are intended to predict the functioning of organic life, understand it and improve it. The practical applications of these artificial life emulation systems are resulting in applied knowledge of organic life as well as 2 new avenues of research and development:
Artificial intelligence and synthetic life.
Developing technology capable of creating organisms with functional and reasoning capabilities similar to those of organic life opens the possibility for a computational organism to evolve, learn from its mistakes and correct them as organic life has done through millions of years of evolution but only in seconds and without the physical limitations that life has faced chemically based, opens a completely different scenario with ethical, moral, political and economic questions and debates of transcendental importance.
Cellular Automata are one of the clearest examples of this rodeo in the search for intelligence. Algorithms that paradoxically, in themselves, have many similarities and characteristics characteristic of known life according to the standards imposed by science.
Are they primitive forms of virtual life?
The artist creates this series of works applying Cellular Automata that intervene in his works as a clear allegory of interaction between organic life, represented by the artist, and synthetic life, represented by Cellular Automata. The compositions, colors and shapes created by nEcKo are re-interpreted under the parameters of reasoning and organization of these virtual entities to generate pieces that go far beyond their plastic beauty.