A reinterpretation of graffiti in the 21st century

Project Details

Curated: Studio

Date: January 2017


The paper was chosen as the main support of the work, recalling the beginnings of graffiti in the street. At the beginning of the 80's in New York with the persecution of the security forces of graffiti, which still maintained a transgressor and anti-system component, a solution was devised to be able to be faster and reach more inaccessible places, minimizing the risk of graffiti actions.
The works were produced in El Barrio on paper and then glued using the same technique as conventional poster gluing.
The figure depicted on the 9 metre long paper, spray-painted and acrylic, is Necko's 'tag' which is intervened by 3D software.
To the whole of the work represented with the technique of painting on paper is added an augmented reality content that the public can visualize simply by focusing their smartphone or tablet camera on the work. A journey through the details of the work even within the work.
A reinterpretation of graffiti in the 21st century. New forms and techniques applied to the same spirit of graffiti in its beginnings. Public and accessible art even in exhibition halls. Artistic expressions in two worlds that coexist: physical and virtual.


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